WH Refuses Dems Request For Info On Trump s Talks With Putin

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House Democrats are investigating President Donald Trumps ties with Russians including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Cipollone also argued that Congress demand for information about a presidents private conversations with foreign leaders could jeopardize similar talks involving future American presidents. Schiff and Engel have been consulting with House General Counsel Douglas Letter about the best ways to legally compel information about Trumps private conversations with Putin. The White House has rejected House Democrats request for information on President Donald Trumps communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin citing executive authority. And foreign leaders must be assured of this as well Cipollone added. Referring to reports that Trump had seized a translators notes following a meeting with Putin the chairmen also asked that the translators be made available for interviews. On Thursday White House counsel Pat Cipollone sent a letter to the Democratic chairmen of the three committees rebuffing all those requests. Multiple Democratic led committees are battling with the White House over documents as they launch broad new investigations of Trump and his personal and political dealings. On Tuesday delay and obstruction in response to congressional requests for documents and witnesses

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