What Was Up With That Putin Friendly Platform Change the Trump Team Wanted at the 2016 Convention

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Aven had recently met with with Putin one on one to discuss the sanctions and what to do about them. Dmitriev implying that Putin had blessed the plan. Kushner told the special counsel that he could not remember them discussing sanctions and investigators were apparently unable to establish the true nature of their conversation. Was the platform move part of a quid pro quo or a demonstration of good faith to Trumps allies in Moscow?Investigators found no evidence that the president ordered or was even aware of the change to the platform language. With this one notable exception Trump campaign observers mostly held back and didnt offer any substantive input during the platform drafting process. The party platform was always an odd place for the Trump team to pick a fight on this or any issue. Before contacting Clovis Lazar had gone to the rabbi Putin meeting. It was not immediately clear if topic of a Trump Putin meeting came up. However the story did not mention a proposed Trump Putin meeting as revealed by Mueller

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