Trump Everyones Called Racist Now So Im Definitely Not

trump racist


I think the word has really gone down a long way because everybodys called a racist now Trump said. But with me and they dont get away with it. In a rare instance of mistaken clarity and theyre bad people. On some level we all seem to know that Marianne Williamson shouldnt exactly be on the debate stage. Even she seems to know it speaking from a different stage about the debate taking place. WASHINGTON A narrow majority of Americans voters say President Donald Trump is a racist according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday. Ninety one percent of Republicans say they do not think Trump is racist; only 8% say they do. Eighty percent of blacks and 55% of Hispanics say Trump is a racist 50% of whites say he is not. At 38% white men are the least likely to say Trump is racist; 58% of that group says he isnt. donald trump is a racist majority say in quinnipiac university poll

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