Gillibrand plans Trump NYC hotel speech makes 2020 bid official

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Though the New York Democrat hasnt yet registered strongly in national and early primary state polls California and Texas. Later in the week the new late night Showtime show whose first political guest was fellow New Yorker Rep. Gillibrand plans to deliver her first speech as an official candidate at a rally outside Trump International Hotel in New York City next Sunday. DONALD Trumps arch critic Kirsten Gillibrand has revealed she plans to fight to oust the maverick US President in the 2020 election. And the New York state senator will provocatively launch her Democratic presidential campaign next Sunday at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in New York. This coming week she plans to campaign in Michigan leading up to her New York kickoff. Kirsten Gillibrand will deliver a speech in front of the Trump International hotel in New York City next Sunday as she launches the next phase of her presidential campaign. Gillibrand also has stops scheduled in Iowa and Nevada before returning to New York at the end of the week. The senator responded that her office conducted a thorough and complete investigation and handled the allegation appropriately

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