Dana Milbank Republicans will take from constituents to give to Trump

trump republic


It also would prohibit agencies from using security clearances to punish whistleblowers or discriminate on the basis of sex or national origin. Collins added that the security clearance system is critical to protecting our country from harm. When the government revokes a clearance employees usually have no recourse in the courts. Even leaving aside Trumps behavior regarding clearances the clearance process has long been criticized as arbitrary and occasionally unjust. they will vote to surrender military spending projects in their own home states and districts to avoid displeasing him. House Republicans already voted to put their districts military spending projects on the block. Its certainly not the first instance of Trump pulling Republicans from their moorings. A party that professed a commitment to the United States social compact is now silent as Trump proposes deep cuts to Medicare. Now we see the party of limited government assenting to executive overreach potentially at the expense of their own constituents. Lee said later in a statement that he will back the resolution canceling the border emergency because his own bill now lacks an immediate path forward

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