Here Are The Lines Republicans Are Drawing For Trumps Controversial Judicial Nominees

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WASHINGTON For a very brief time it appeared Neomi Raos nomination to the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit might be in trouble. In the end and whatever small chance there was of Raos nomination getting pulled or delayed disappeared. The fact that Rao and other controversial nominees have made it through while some have failed in the Republican controlled Senate shows where the line seems to be for GOP members to break with President Donald Trump on judicial nominees. Republicans have a stronger hold on the Senate this year making the dissent of one senator less impactful. Rosario Dawsons all in on Cory Booker for President in 2020 but she might be a little biased. theyre in a serious loving relationship!!! The actress was at the Reagan. Romney argued in a statement that his vote with Democrats was not a vote against border security but to stop Executive Overreach by the president. Its very important its really a border security vote. Its pure and simple its a vote for border security its a vote for no crime. Nicolle Wallaces panel discussed what or both

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