Republicans believe media spotlight on 2020 Democrats and AOC is boosting Trump

trump republic


Bush says the party ought to be a given a choice. People are talking to me about it he said at the time. Leading Democrats are elbowing President Trump out of the way and commanding more of the medias attention a development that ironically is helping Trump by reducing the relentless and often harsh spotlight on him. But what is apparent is that engagement on major platforms for leading Democrats is way up. democrats must know trump is innocent of wrongdoing on russia. pelosi does believe trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors but recognizes that republicans refuse to accept this evidence. Republicans disbelieve all evidence against Trump which in turn becomes further reason for Republicans to disbelieve all evidence against him. For two years the Democrats plans to impeach Trump were evidence the Russia scandal was supposedly a hoax. Now the Democrats plan not to impeach Trump proves the Russia scandal is a hoax

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