Republicans Cory Gardner and Tom Tillis more likely to lose reelection after caving to Trump MSNBC panel

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If he voted against the president he was going to be vulnerable to primary challenges and face criticism from the right. Tal Kopan explained the impact of the vote on the re election chances of Sen. If you look at Cory Gardner from Colorado Kopan noted. At the same time she called the GOP lawmakers who pushed back Thursday brave because of what theyll likely face from the president. I will tell you it does take a great deal of courage to go against Donald Trump the former GOP strategist said. Hell he was still dancing on John McCains literal grave after he died because John McCain was not loyal to him. This guys loyalty test is Italian mafia style so going against him has consequences. italian mafia style is certainly an interesting turn of phrase a day after gambino family crime boss francesco cali was shot dead outside of his staten island home. Meanwhile a New York City judge has reminded Donald Trump he is not above the law

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