Trump facing a map from Hell in 2020 but Republicans know theyre toast without him MSNBC analyst

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Right now the Republicans are making the judgment they cant win without him the base is still with him. Republicans were stuck with the president. The only thing I think is going to change whether hes nominee or not is that if fundamental calculus changes she said. Right now despite that obvious weakness across the mid west. The Maryland governor is setting up to possibly run against President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race hes distancing himself from relating his principles within the Republican Party to Trumps. In a wide ranging interview with The Washington Post Gov. i appeal to republicans because my message is. Of course you couldnt win a Republican primary challenge today Hogan said. The retired generals brother and sister are fanning the flames. Michael Flynns family members appear to be at war with each other over the QAnon conspiracy theory and whether Flynn himself is playing a role in it

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