Why do Republicans still back Trump The answer is simple Attitude and gratitude

trump republic


Unencumbered by the pablum that traps most politicians Trump is a perfect mirror when he takes the rally stage. The attendees see themselves in him; they dont talk or think like politicians either. And though their lives dont permit them to attack those they find aggravating they can live vicariously through a president who does it for them. This is especially true for rural folks looked down upon as hicks and rubes by the coastal elites for a very long time. Bless your hearts we do cling to our guns and religion because they are a deeply meaningful part of our heritage. Will Hurd said a border wall must be used in conjunction with other strategies to control immigration. Will Hurd said Sunday morning that its time for Congress to claw back certain powers given to the president in times of emergency. I think the president being focused on border security is important Hurd said. We had a bill that funded border security. ORourke is still considering a bid for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020

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