EPA adviser Trumps rollback of car rules could cost jobs

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A coalition of states and advocacy organizations sued the Trump administration on Wednesday over its rollback of school nutritional standards championed by the former first lady Michelle Obama that required students be served healthier meals. In lawsuits filed Wednesday the groups claim that the administration illegally issued rules last year that weakened requirements that school meals contain less salt and more whole grains. The courts have already struck down a series of high profile rule changes by the administration for the same reason. The coalition of states filed suit in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. Additionally filed a similar complaint in Federal District Court in Maryland. The Obama era rules compel automakers to build cars that get more miles per gallon of gasoline. But the Trump administration argues that forcing carmakers to manufacture more expensive fuel efficient vehicles jeopardizes the safety of drivers. Early in Trumps administration but have now expressed concern about how a rollback could fracture the U. Critics of the Trump administration note that freezing the pollution standards would be a boon for oil and gas producers allied with the president. A group of states led by New York is suing the Trump administration over changes it made to school lunch nutrition standards initially championed by Michelle Obama

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