Mitt Romney Hedges On Endorsing Trump In 2020 Joemygod

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Mitt Romney has said that he wont run against President Donald Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2020 but will be interested to see who else might. by tweet but will be interested to see who else might. Mitt Romney said Friday he may never be ready to endorse President Donald Trumps re 50 shot of winning the White House. I think President Trump was right to say weve got to stop this. Larry Hogan who briefly considered challenging Trump for the 2020 GOP presidential nomination; North Dakota Gov. We have a Republican president but people in this room are looking for that next generation Zwick said. Mitt Romney said Friday that hes not sure if he will endorse President Donald Trump for a second term and that he may not throw his weight behind anyone during the 2020 campaign. I dont think endorsements are worth a thimble of spit wealthy donors and powerful business people in the Utah ski resort town of Park City. I wouldnt be surprised if I stay out of the endorsements. Romney wrote in the name of his wife I still think shes doing a fine job

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