Spineless Mitt Romney Calls Legislative Efforts To Get Trumps Taxes Moronic

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As a formal request by congressional Democrats for the release of President Donald Trumps tax returns sets up a potential legal battle for the documents Sen. But on Sunday White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said the effort wouldnt work. Romney said Democrats attempt to obtain the tax returns through legal channels was a lost cause. The courts are not going to say that you can compel a person running for office to release their tax returns he said. Mitt Romney said Sunday that Democrats calls for the president to release his tax returns were moronic. But which is going after his tax returns through a legislative action its moronic. Neal requested Trumps personal and business returns in a letter to IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig. Trump broke with precedent when he chose not to release any tax returns as a presidential candidate. IRS officials have said taxpayers under audit are free to release their returns. Mitt Romney on this Sundays Meet the Press attacking the Democrats for attempting to get Trumps tax returns

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