NBC Analyst Levels Rosenstein For Undercutting Mueller Report He Survived By Kissing Trumps Ass

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Rosenstein went to great lengths to celebrate the independence and dignity of both the DOJ and the rule of law. They make threats and even attack your relatives. He was not talking about Trump surprisingly enough. Nobody expected Rod Rosenstein to protect Robert Mueller by calling Donald Trump a vengeful bully. MSNBCs national affairs analyst explained on Friday how Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein survived in President Donald Trumps administration. I think many of the mysteries about Rod Rosenstein are becoming less mysterious and they are not painting a pretty picture. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly convinced Trump not to fire him after a damming New York Times article implicated him in a plan to secretly record the president The Washington Post reports. Rosenstein allegedly denied the Times reporting maintained credibility. I give the investigation credibility according to one administration official. Rosensteins balancing act has come under renewed scrutiny since the redacted release of the Mueller Report left many Democratic lawmakers demanding more

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