Rosenstein Afraid Of Losing Job Reportedly Told Trump I Can Land The Plane

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rosenstein proves trump corrupts doj 07. House Democrat including what he might have said to convince the President he was on the same team. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein reportedly convinced Trump not to fire him after a damming New York Times article implicated him in a plan to secretly record the president The Washington Post reports. Rosenstein allegedly denied the Times reporting maintained credibility. I give the investigation credibility according to one administration official. Rosensteins balancing act has come under renewed scrutiny since the redacted release of the Mueller Report left many Democratic lawmakers demanding more. I did pledge to do it right and take it to the appropriate conclusion Rosenstein recently said of the report. # p #3_9 # ad skipped = NULL #It is a deeply disturbing report because what it shows is unethical conduct by the deputy attorney general he said. In any case he shouldnt be talking to the president about an investigation into the president. And he especially shouldnt be doing it at a time when hes begging and pleading for his own job

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