FoXs Cavuto Tries To Discredit Braziles Claim Russia A Factor In Trumps 2016 Win

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Donald Trump tweeted earlier this week that Russia has informed us that they have removed most of their people from Venezuela but the claim was quickly disputed by the Kremlin. And while some specialist forces may have left the country he said the Russians have not abandoned the regime. Some of them I assume have left because some of them had specific tasks to conduct and would have completed those tasks and left Abrams added. It is unclear what prompted Trump to claim that most Russians had left Venezuela. Last weekend Brazile told Fox & Friends that the reason why Hillary Clinton is not in the White House today is because this country was attacked by Russia. the segment was ostensibly about democratic presidential candidate joe bidens climate plan but at about 4. But you said Russias the reason why she was denied the White House. Dont you think that that fuels an impression that if not for Russia Donald Trump would never have gotten to the White House?It noted that Trump welcomed Russias help though it stopped short of saying Russias efforts actually helped him succeed

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