Russians May Have Laundered Money Through Trump Organization and President Could Be Compromised Congressman Schiff Suggests

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Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff raised concerns on Wednesday that Russians may have laundered money through the Trump Organization saying that the House Intelligence Committee has begun investigating the possibility. Speaking to MSNBC answered questions about the next steps for those investigating President Donald Trumps alleged ties to Russia. However she also said she believed that Trump was ethically and intellectually unfit for the office. Despite Pelosis stated opinion several Democratic representative have voiced plans to push forward with the impeachment process. I greatly appreciate Nancy Pelosis statement against impeachment he wrote. A continued attack on the rule of law Rep. From what he said his knowledge of the case Quigley continued. So he is now using his office to help someone implicated in the case with no other way to describe it. donald trump hadnt even gotten the republican nomination for president yet there were russian spies at work

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