Paul Ryan Says Donald Trump Can Be Beaten By Democrat In 2020 Adds President Needs To Focus More On Policy Less On Personality

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Ryan often clashed with Trump especially when it came to the presidents immigration policies. The revelation came from a tell all book written by former White House communications staffer Cliff Sims. Ryan thinks there are some Democrats in the 2020 field who can defeat President Donald Trump in a general election. If Trump relies on his personal brand to win Ryan suggested. If this is about Donald Trump and his personality Ryan said. But when Trump was president Ryan learned to let the White House not him answer for Trumps controversial remarks and to stay mostly in the background. If the HFC did not delay the Houses repeal version Ryan thinks it would have passed the Senate. The former House speaker said Trumps personality is an electoral loser in a speech in Florida on Monday. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan was loathe to criticize Trump when he was serving in Congress. In a lecture in Vero Beach Trump will lose

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