Trump was open to temporary sanctions relief in Hanoi Choe Son Hui

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Trumps alleged flexibility on sanctions relief was not reported by English language media attending the briefing at the time despite it providing new light on the reasons why Pyongyang believed talks fell apart in Hanoi. And the logic for such sanctions relief is framed in the language of multiple UNSC resolutions. Each resolution contains a paragraph saying sanctions can be strengthened she explained. President Donald Trump was open to easing sanctions on North Korea provided there was a snapback clause if the North restarted nuclear activities according to South Korean media reports of a North Korean statement. North Korea summit in Hanoi broke down without resolution but North Korea has continued to speak positively about Trump. The new statement also says Kim faced much opposition and challenges from within North Korea in order to make the second summit happen. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Trump tweeted Friday that he had ordered the withdrawal of large scale Sanctions announced by the U. The department had publicized sanctions one day earlier on two Chinese shipping companies accused of helping North Korea evade existing sanctions. President Trump likes Chairman Kim and he doesnt think these sanctions will be necessary without specifying which sanctions Trump was reversing

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