Dems Are Angry Trump Floated Idea To Send Caravan Members To Sanctuary Cities

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According to both ABC and the Washington Post presumably as retaliation. One White House official acknowledged the existence of the discussions in a statement to ABC but says its no longer being considered. This was just a suggestion that was floated and rejected the White House official said. The White House dismissed this as nothing more than a spitballing session but both ABC and the Washington Post say the idea came up more than once. white house officials tried to get immigrant detainees released on the streets of sanctuary cities to target political opponents according to the report. The proposal had two versions; one was to bus migrants taken into custody at the border to sanctuary cities like San Francisco and New York and the other was to move migrants who were already in ICE detention to Democratic opponents districts. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the plan was to help with a shortage of detention space but also serve as a message to Democrats. The whole thing raised flags with ICE and they told the administration it wasnt going to happen. A DHS spokesperson and White House official both sent statements to the Washington Post saying the plan is no longer under consideration. A spokesperson House Speaker Pelosis office released a statement blasting the proposal

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