Sarah Huckabee Sanders Joined Donald Trump At Rally In Green Bay

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congressman Seth Moulton saying they were so liberal they risked handing President Donald Trump a second White House term. We cant go too far left or we will lose middle America part of a tour to California and other early voting states since he announced his candidacy on Monday. In Fridays interview a self described democratic socialist elected to the Senate as an independent. Sanders has emerged as an early Democratic front runner along with former U. Vice President Joe Biden who entered the 2020 field on Thursday. Chernow was the featured speaker at the White House Correspondents Association dinner Saturday night. President Donald Trump has refused to attend during his time in office and has called the media enemies of the people. She noted that a year ago where a comic lampooned her in a way some found harsh. Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have skipped Saturdays White House Correspondents Association Dinner but the event was still on her mind. Speaking at a Trump rally in Green Bay Wis

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