Trump Camp Fundraising Figures Building Up To Beat Sanders And Harris Combined

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Democrats continue to show day in and day out that theyre nothing but sore losers Sanders said. I think theyre a sad excuse for a political party. the white house is offering another rationale for why democrats should not get their hands on president donald trumps tax filings. Trumps fundraising ability was matched by the Republican National Committee which brought in $45. 8 million in the first quarter its best non election year total. 8 million belonging to the campaign alone. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she hasnt seen Trumps taxes but shes nonetheless certain that Democratic members of Congress arent smart enough to review his returns. One would think that if Trumps taxes reflected such massive success hed be eager for the American people to see them. And second Sarah Sanders shouldnt worry that the Democrats wont be able to understand Trumps taxes. She later specified in a tweet that Democrats in Congress arent smart enough to understand the Presidents tax returns

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