Sarah Sanders wont say if Trump believes Dems hate Jews

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Socialism easy to campaign on but tough to govern on Stones defense denies using court to generate publicity for his book release Ocasio Cortez. Asked whether Trump believes Democrats harbor hatred toward Jews I think you should ask Democrats. She also accused Democrats of not doing enough to condemn Rep. Democrats passed a resolution last week condemning anti Semitism and other forms of bigotry a measure Sanders and other Republicans said was watered down because it did not target Omar by name. Democrats and civil rights groups have accused Trump of hypocrisy Va. rally where a white supremacist killed a counterprotester. Asked about those comments racism in all of its forms and to say otherwise is simply untrue. But she did little to disavow the notion which Trump himself had previewed on Friday morning when he told reporters. Theyve become an anti Jewish party and thats too bad. Three days later Sanders insisted Democrats

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