In Rebuke to Trump Senate Votes Again to End Aid to Saudi War in Yemen

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WASHINGTON The Senate on Wednesday again rebuked President Trump for his continued defense of Saudi Arabia after the killing of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi voting for a second time to end American military assistance for the kingdoms war in Yemen and to curtail presidential war powers. The 54 46 vote sets the foundation for what could become Mr. The vote also might be the opening salvo in a week where Senate Republicans have the opportunity to hit back at the presidents aggressive use of executive power. On Thursday the chamber will vote on a resolution that would overturn Mr. The United States Congress is going to reassert its constitutional responsibility over issues of war that have been abdicated for presidents independent of Vermont. The resolution we will vote on in the Senate tomorrow to end U. The resolution would need to pass the House before heading to Trumps desk where he has said he would veto the measure. With Republicans holding 53 seats in the Senate Democrats would need to win over at least four Republicans and keep their entire caucus united in order to pass the resolution. the win is the second in the senate for a coalition opposed to the yemen war. Today we said enough enough with this disastrous and unconstitutional war enough with giving the Saudis a blank check

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