Senate confirms Trumps pick for ambassador to Saudi Arabia

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However he added that the Senate cant confirm nominees if the Trump administration hasnt nominated someone and knocked the president over the pace of making nominations. The Trump administration took nearly two years before it even bothered to nominate Gen. The Senate approved Trumps ambassador to Saudi Arabia on Wednesday retired Gen. He will lead Trumps diplomatic mission in Saudi Arabia at a time of increasingly strained relations between the two countries. More recently fearing the oil rich kingdom would use the technology to build a bomb. Trump had made a phone call to Crown Prince Mohammed on Tuesday night ahead of the vote. President Donald Trump spoke on the phone with the Saudi Crown Prince despite the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the countrys Turkish embassy. Trump had a productive conversation with Mohammed bin Salman about Middle East stability last night reports Bloomberg. After initially denying the murder Riyadh said the operation was carried out by agents who were out of control

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