Trump ally exposed for in crossfire as White House clashes with GOP over Saudi Arabia

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But the House version hit problems after House Republicans altered the resolution with a procedural maneuver called a motion to recommit. It was his belief that the war in Yemen was a humanitarian disaster alluding to Khashoggis criticism of the Yemen war and the Saudi royal family in his writing. The Yemen war has created the worlds largest humanitarian crisis according to the UN. said he expected the house would take up the legislation in the next couple of weeks. And senators have tried to pass the Yemen resolution for years over concerns that Saudi Arabia wasnt doing enough to limit civilian casualties with its strikes in Yemen. The White Houses increasingly overt dismissals of Congressional oversight are making it harder for Risch to stand by the President. The latest example came Wednesday night when the Senate voted to end US military aid to Saudi Arabia in its war in Yemen. Corker also worked on proposals explicitly opposed by the White House from measures to revise the existing authorization for use of military force to reducing the Trump administrations authority on tariffs

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