Trump Will Never Let Go of Saudi Arabia

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But anger over the administrations dismissive response to the killing of Mr. Khashoggi has been intense and sustained. In an attempt to defuse rising anger on Capitol Hill the White House sent two aides from the State and Treasury Departments last week to a closed door briefing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But senators on the panel were left unsatisfied with some suggesting it was time for the full Senate to act. The war powers resolution seeks to end any US military involvement in the conflict without authorization from Congress. Trump has held back on criticizing Saudi Arabia calling them an important strategic ally and counterbalance to Iran in the region. Overcoming a veto would require two thirds majorities in both the Senate and House more votes than it has garnered so far. The Yemen War has involved extensive war crimes in which the US is complicit. today the united states senate sent a very important message. s involvement in Yemens brutal civil war the Trump Administration is simply refusing to give up on Saudi Arabia

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