adam schiff lists all the ways he says trump campaign colluded with russia shuts off republicans mic

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The president sent out his missive Thursday morning accusing the California Democrat of knowingly and unlawfully lying and leaking. TRUMP CALLS SCHIFF A DISGRACE FOR PUSHING COLLUSION AGENDA Trump told the host. he would go on talking about collusion. Undoubtedly Schiff told the Washington Post after Attorney General William Barrs four page summary of Muellers investigation was released Sunday. President Donald Trump and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff have constantly butted heads since Trump came into office. high level republicans from house minority leader kevin mccarthy. to white house senior counselor kellyanne conway have repeatedly called for schiff to step down from his post leading the house intelligence committee for promoting the collusion theory. You might think thats OK Schiff said to Republican lawmakers during the hearing. You might say thats all OK thats what you need to do to win. In Los Angeles Mr Schiff made headlines as an assistant US attorney for his successful prosecution of Richard Miller

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