Adam Schiff Angrily Insists Trump Is Guilty Despite Utter Lack Of Evidence

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Were now confident that the circumstantial evidence we presented was sufficient to establish enough suspicion to assume the defendant was guilty and wed like you to go with that. You can either believe our expert witnesswho and find the defendant very close to guilty enough. Like the hypothetical lawyer giving the closing argument above Schiff would like us to believe that the star witness he once told us would validate his circumstantial evidence is no longer essential to the proceedings. The heart of the alliance known as Article 5 is the readiness to come to the aid of any member state if it is attacked. The credibility of that deterrent is only as strong as our mutual ties. But with the spread of autocracy there is a danger those ties will wither. Trump went out of his way to crudely insult House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff D Calif. But Adam Schiff laid out the real issue more successfully than anyone weve seen in recent times

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