Donald Trumps New Nickname for Adam Schiff Is Pencil Neck

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President Donald Trump is using a new nickname to describe House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff. Trump ridiculed Schiff on Wednesday during a meeting with House Republicans at the White House repeatedly calling him pencil neck according to Politico. Little Adam Schiff Brennan and Clapper!Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. President Trump on Thursday called for Democratic Rep. Several hours later Schiff responded to Trump and his defenders in Congress. During the confab Trump also said Schiff would be a horrible golfer because he would only be able to drive the ball 50 yards down the fairway. A number of Republicans and White House administration officials have called on Schiff to step down since Barr released his summary of Muellers findings Sunday. Barr auditioned for the job with a memo saying a president cannot obstruct justice Schiff tweeted. Mueller spent two years investigating obstruction of justice and found evidence that does not exonerate Trump Schiff tweeted. I trust Muellers prosecutorial judgement but the country must see the evidence

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