Maher Clocks Schiff For Stalking Trump With Continued Attacks On POTUS After Muellers Report

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hbo host bill maher knocked house intelligence committee chairman adam schiff. over his repetitive swings at president donald trump even after the special counsels final report during fridays episode of real time with bill maher. When Schiff appeared on Mahers show on Friday the host scoffed at his continued attacks on Trump. And if we had any doubt before about this presidents fitness for office there is no doubt remaining. Now it just looks like youre stalking him pic. is tiptoeing away from demanding his impeachment saying instead that its up to the nation to vote his ass out of office. Im not there yet on impeachment said Friday night on HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher. At the end of the day whether we impeach him or not. And that is to vote his ass out of office. Whether Joe Bidens treatment of Anita Hill will continue to cloud his Presidential campaign likely depends on how contrite he is

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