Rep Adam Schiff Real question is if Trump is under the influence of a foreign power

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real question is if trump is under the influence of a foreign power 08. House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff of CaliforniaWhen California Democrat Adam Schiff took the helm of the House Intelligence Committee he quickly announced a sweeping investigation focused on Donald Trumps finances. Now its clear that Schiffs main concern is ascertaining whether Trump is under foreign influence and he views Trumps finances as the most fertile ground for examining that question. He also noted the limits of indictments in terms of revealing whether someone is compromised by a foreign power. Schiff is concerned that the question of foreign influence on Trump through his finances may not have been fully explored by Mueller if at all. But in an interview House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said he is steering his investigation in a new direction to focus on it and he will demand any relevant evidence compiled by the FBI or Muellers team. The California Democrat also expressed concern that Mueller hasnt fully investigated Trumps possible financial history with Russia

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