Schiff the best way to get to the truth is to get Trump under oath

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Adam Schiff told NBC on Sunday morning that the best way to get real answers from President Donald Trump in the ongoing Russia investigation would be to ask him under oath. I do think ultimately its a mistake because probably the best way to get the truth would be to put the president under oath Schiff. Because he feels its perfectly fine to lie to the public. In terms of former Trump lawyer Michael Cohens recent testimony Schiff said that itll be challenging to take Cohen at his word without some sort of substantiation. We asked Michael Cohen about this extensively. US should applaud choice of Mueller to lead Russia probe MORE shouldnt rely on written answers from Trump. When you get written answers from a witness its really the lawyers answers as much as the clients answer. Schiff added that Mueller is operating under the constraint of an attorney general referring to William Barr who has hostility to his investigation and would likely oppose a subpoena of Trump. Trumps personal attorney said last year that he was concerned Trump may perjure himself if he were to testify. UAE emissary George Nader and Israeli social media manipulation specialist Joel Zamel

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