Trumps latest assault on Adam Schiff is a new low even for him

trump schiff


President Donald Trump is attacking Democratic Rep. Earlier in the event his son Donald Trump Jr. issued similar insults incorporating Schiffs last name. A fired up President Donald Trump is turning the end of the special counsels Russia investigation into a political weapon at a boisterous rally in Grand Rapids Michigan. President Donald Trump is turning his attention to 2020 now that the special counsels investigation is largely behind him. Little pencil neck Adam Schiff prompting boos from the crowd. At a minimum Trumps juvenile attacks on Schiff show the hollowness of the anti bullying aspect of First Lady Melania Trumps Be Best campaign. He has taken a particularly spiteful stance against those elected officials and journalists who have suggested the Trump campaign acted improperly targeting them by name. President Donald Trump continued his insults against Burbank Democratic Rep. But I saw him today there could still have been some Russia collusion

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