Trump attacks windmills asylum seekers and little pencil neck Adam Schiff in wild rally speech after chants of AOC sucks

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After three years of lies and slander to cheers from his audience. This was nothing more than a sinister effort to undermine our historic election victory Mr Trump said. Mr Muellers probe was launched the following year after Mr Trump sacked FBI director James Comey citing in a television interview this Russia thing as a reason for doing so. He has the smallest Mr Trump said mockingly. Battery based storage systems allow power to be kept for when it is needed a fact consistently overlooked by Mr Trump. President Donald Trump during a Thursday night rally in Grand Rapids called House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff a pencil neck who is not a long ball hitter. But more importantly our country was hurt. He has the smallest thinnest neck Ive ever seen. The president continued there still could have been some Russia collusion. Story Continued BelowAs he has in recent days Trump directed the most of his ire at House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff

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