Who is Adam Schiff and why does Donald Trump want him to resign

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In Los Angeles Mr Schiff made headlines as an assistant US attorney for his successful prosecution of Richard Miller. What was his role as House Intelligence Committee chairman like?Mr Schiff was also credited for standing up against former House Intelligence Chairman Republican Rep. he also have sustained that [impeachment is. I think the speaker has made very clear that in the absence of compelling evidence that there isnt going to be an impeachment. Meanwhile Schiffs committee has continued to further probe Trump and investigate after special counsel Robert Muellers report was delivered to Attorney General William Barr on Friday. today when attorney general published mueller report immoral and unpatrioticcan anyone understand what adam schiff is want. Schiff also criticized William Barr saying the Attorney General did a grave disservice to the country by putting a Trump friendly spin on the Mueller report before the redacted full version was released. Staff writers Jeff Horseman and Brooke Staggs contributed to this report

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