Democrat Senator on Trumps Enthusiasm for Eminent Domain Language Youd Expect Out of Some Autocrat

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With a vote scheduled for Thursday afternoon despite the presidents criticisms. with just hours before the vote including senators mitt romney. this point was highlighted by speaker nancy pelosis. Instead he urged them to vote with him and consider quashing the National Emergencies Act after he sneaks his national emergency through. As IJR previously reported President Trump has vowed to veto the bill. who criticized trump in a senate floor speech on thursday for his imminent use of eminent domain. He couldnt get a Republican House and a Republican Senate to pay for the wall Bennet said in a fiery speech. By late Tuesday there were indications that GOP opposition to Trumps emergency along the Mexican border was softening. Tillis is among four Senate Republicans who have said theyd vote with Democrats to oppose Trumps border emergency. The strongest chance of blocking Trumps border emergency is likely several lawsuits filed by Democratic state attorneys general environmental groups and others

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