GOP senators privately beg Trump not to embarrass himself on emergency

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So far four Republican senators have said theyll vote with Democrats to oppose Trumps emergency order. Lee announced Wednesday that he will vote for a resolution that will terminate President Trumps national emergency on the southern border. Fourteen Republican senators backed the bill on Tuesday which includes Sens. However Lee joined four other Republican senators to vote in favor of ending the national emergency. Trump got a surprise visit from a trio of GOP senators who pleaded with him to change his mind about his fake national emergency. On the eve of an expected smackdown from the GOP controlled Senate over his fake national emergency Trump on Wednesday night received a surprise visit from a trio of Republican senators. a big national emergency vote today by the united states senate on border security & the wall. For years Gary Cohn thought hed be the next C. Instead he became the adult in the room in a chaotic administration. Cohn talks about the fights he won and the fights he was no longer willing to have

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