GOP senators visited Trump at White House to sway him on border dispute report

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Trump was apparently unswayed by the late night proposal as he pledged Thursday morning to veto the measure should it pass the Senate. If but todays issue is BORDER SECURITY and Crime!!! Donald J. Several Republican senators are expected to join Democrats on Thursday to vote for a resolution of disapproval regarding Trumps emergency which bypasses Congress to secure $8 billion in funding for a wall along the southern border. Republican senators this week sought to craft a workaround proposal that would placate concerned members and avoid an embarrassing rejection of the presidents order but talks collapsed on Wednesday. With Republicans controlling the Senate 53 47 just four GOP defections would be enough to approve the resolution canceling Trumps border emergency. It would apply to future emergencies but not Trumps current border emergency unless he seeks to renew it next year. The strongest chance of blocking Trumps border emergency is likely several lawsuits filed by Democratic state attorneys general environmental groups and others

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