Senators question building Trump s proposed Space Force

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4 million to establish a Space Force headquarters within the Air Force Department including a new four star general who would lead the organization and sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We ought to be asking ourselves the ranking member on the Senate subcommittee on defense appropriations. About 90 percent of that force is now in the Air Force. The Space Force funding is just a fraction of the Pentagons overall proposal for 2020 space funding. Real Clear Politics Associate Editor and Columnist A. Stoddard Host of Slates The Gist podcast Mike Pesca and Republican pollster Chris Wilson join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what will most likely be the first veto of the Trump presidency. senator and his Republican counterpart on Friday asked Congress investigative arm to probe Trump administration talks with Saudi Arabia over sharing nuclear power technology. The United Arab Emirates could renegotiate its nonproliferation agreements if Saudi Arabia is allowed to bypass the standards. Energy Secretary Rick Perry has had quiet talks with Saudi officials on nuclear power. Perry has said he told Saudi Arabia it is important for the kingdom to be seen around the world as strong on nonproliferation

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