Trump lashes out at McCain seven months after senators death

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Trump lashed out at McCain again on Sunday claiming McCain sent the dossier to the FBI and the media. Senator McCain conveyed that report out of a sense of duty and he is someone who lived his entire life with a sense of honor and duty to our country. The Obamacare vote was a bitter loss for Trump as three Republicans allied with Democrats to defeat the repeal effort. Donald Trump has launched a bitter tirade against late senator John McCain for the second time in 24 hours. The court documents Mr Trump is referring to in his tweets actually state that the dossier was provided to BuzzFeed by David Kramer. It was the second criticism Mr Trump made of McCain in a single week following longstanding and public tensions hes held for the career politician and military veteran. These are the things he wanted to attack John McCain on?Seriously? Mr. John McCain will always be a better man than you in every way we measure a mans character

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