Whos ashamed of Donald Trump How about Donald Trump

trump shame


The Trump Organization has put together a sales brochure pushing space at this phenomenal location the central gem in Trumps real estate crown. But nowhere in the brochure does one encounter the word Trump. Its not there in the picture of the outside of the building. But it does seem odd to find that Donald Trump is part of that faction. President Trump has enthusiastically greeted Special Counsel Robert Muellers report and called it a Complete and Total EXONERATION. No Collusion Complete and Total EXONERATION. Barr released a summary of the report on Sunday explaining that Mueller found no evidence of Russian collusion and insufficient evidence of obstruction of justice. Its a shame that our country had to go through this Trump told reporters after Barrs letter went public. To be honest its a shame your president had to go through this. Dershowitz said Muellers failure to say whether or not Trump obstructed justice will be cast shadow over the president

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