Trump Sharpie Memes Show How He Could Solve All His Problems With Pen

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The map President Donald Trump used during his morning update on Hurricane Dorian showed the Yellowhammer State in the hurricanes cone the area meteorologists forecast will be impacted by the extreme weather. But the map on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations National Hurricane Center website doesnt show Alabama in the cone. in addition to florida south carolina will most likely be hit. The map Trump used recently shows Dorians path extended northwest and north from Florida and Georgia. Trump claimed the map was the original forecast. The claim got pushback from weather experts branch of the National Weather Service. But that map bears little resemblance to the one Trump showed on Wednesday. And the official track from the National Hurricane Center never showed Dorians track entering the Gulf of Mexico as Trump also claimed. A source familiar with the matter says the Department of Homeland Security did not provide the altered map Trump showed in the Oval Office. Tweet with a locationYou can add location information to your Tweets from the web and via third party applications

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