Sharpiegate Highlights Toxic Co Dependency Between Trump And Media

trump sharpiegate


We repeat no impacts from Hurricane #Dorian will be felt across Alabama. Trumps subsequent efforts to deny the obvioushe made a mistakeonly exposed him to more ridicule and demonstrated his utter disregard for objective truths. The map included a white cone of uncertainty around Dorians path. On Thursday morning virtually anybody else would have moved on. But by last weekend the National Hurricane Centers forecasts were showing Dorian on a more northward course with no chance of affecting Alabama. As we move closer to the election will only intensify. Today and a conservative resistance in the U. Joe Biden has spent the past week explaining away high profile gaffes and some members of the press seem ready to turn on him. Next to Trumps nonstop fabrications and greed. Yes I recognize the irony of doing exactly what the person in this very story is telling us not to do stop fixating on Sharpiegate

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