Trump call for budget cuts sparks new shutdown fears

trump shutdown


Although the White Houses budget request is merely a messaging document President Donald Trumps posture will contribute to apprehension about a government shutdown. 6 billion to finish border wall before 2020 election The request sparks new shutdown fears. 6 billion request for fiscal 2020 would allow the administration to complete all 722 miles who spoke on background. In the plan the Trump administration will detail reforms to eliminate duplication and increase efficiency within federal agencies. President Trumps pursuit of additional border wall funding in his fiscal 2020 budget proposal will only lead to another government shut down warned Democratic leaders on Sunday. Trump harmed millions when he recklessy shut down the government in pursuit of funds to build an expensive border wall D Calif. But Congress refused and the president was forced to admit defeat and reopen the government they added. There was skepticism too on the GOP side that Trump would get exactly what he asks for in his budget proposal. But Barrasso added that his colleague Sen. The 5 percent would be below the fiscal

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