Seth Meyers New Netflix Special Lets You Skip Every Trump Joke

trump skip


It dawned on me that because it was on Netflix Meyers said. Meyers referred to the button as another joke in the special. The Saturday Night Live alum also said while hes burned out from some politicians hes not burned out on politics. According to CNN Business Meyers new Netflix special Lobby Baby boasts a special feature that allows viewers to skip entire segments about President Trump. For viewers looking to avoid Trump forward through his set. Much like Netflixs Skip Intro button the Skip Politics button will appear at the bottom personal waters. Netflix announced the next comedy special from Seth Meyers would include an option to skip over the jokes about President Trump. Meyers jokes about the president in most of his Late Night monologues but wanted to include an option in his stand up special to allow people to skip his bits on Trump. He explained that he knows many comedy fans are tired of only hearing jokes about Trump and realized that airing his special on Netflix gave viewers the opportunity to bypass his political jokes while enjoying the remainder of his show. Meyers said the button is a joke in itself because so many people have burned out on hearing about Trump

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