Dem Congressman Reveals His Optimism for Trumps Space Force The Prospects Could Hardly Be Brighter

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Scolds Theresa May Over BrexitDonald Trump Jr. Theres also talk of a second Brexit referendum. David Lammy and heres what he wrote this morning Donald Trump Jr. This week George Conway diagnosed the president with narcissistic personality disorder. Trump responded by calling Conway a total loser Congressand the Vice President and Cabinet. But by invoking the DSM Conway is not just expressing his views about the president and his administration. the prospect of expanding the united states military to include a space force sparked the optimism congressman jim cooper. who claimed the deal has a bright future. The president suggested creating a new branch of the military to begin building a defense for security needs that expand beyond Earths atmosphere. Although the idea has been mocked by some many are excited by the prospect of advancing American presence in space

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