Ex spa owner denies selling access to Trump says Dems target her because shes a Chinese Republican

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Candidate Donald Trump made a serious mistake when he said of the late Sen. He was a war hero because he was captured. This week George Conway diagnosed the president with narcissistic personality disorder. Trump responded by calling Conway a total loser Congressand the Vice President and Cabinet. But by invoking the DSM Conway is not just expressing his views about the president and his administration. Yang added that over her roughly 20 years living in the U. she has never had any contact with members of the Chinese government. Yang sold the business years ago but attracted attention after she posted a selfie showing her with President Trump at a Super Bowl party at the Trump International golf resort in Florida. She enjoyed proximity to power and she even started a business offering to get you next to powerful people Figliuzzi said. And Yang said she she took a selfie with Trump to promote herself and her business not him

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