K 9 named Trump sparks viral meme possible new sheriffs policy

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A Florida police dog with the name Trump became a viral Facebook meme this week and now the agency where the dog works may impose a ban on naming K 9s after real people. In the future the Sheriffs Office may consider directing deputies to avoid naming their K 9 partners after real people. Syria which shows Washingtons blatant bias towards the Israeli occupation and its contempt for international law. Contrary to the Middle East peacemaking processFollowing the US presidents statement Russia warned that such calls could further destabilize an already tense situation in the Middle East. It is more like the opposite is the case. Berlin said it rejected any unilateral steps adding that the Golan Heights are still universally recognized as an occupied territory of Syria. Navy cryptologist Shannon Kent was a driven warrior and then a devoted mom. When her deployment orders came in after the kids were in bed and the dishes were put away

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