Trumps own economists now agree GOP tax cuts were failing to spark growth

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President Trumps hand picked Federal Reserve chairman and White House economic advisers admitted this week that the Republican tax cuts are failing to deliver the economic growth the president promised. 5 trillion tax cut primarily aimed at corporations and the rich would pay for itself with annual economic growth above 3 percent. Trump went as far as to claiming the cuts might lead to a GDP growth of 6 percent. According to the CEA growth is projected to slow to 2. but that number was contradicted by federal reserve chair jerome powell on wednesday. Right after Trump took office Pew Research found that 78 percent of white evangelicals had a favorable view of their new president. The Pew survey also found roughly half of white evangelicals dont think Trump has set a high moral standard for the presidency. A Christian political scientist says the case for former Vice President Joe Biden running for president isnt closed. Treasury that additional large scale Sanctions would be added to those already existing Sanctions on North Korea. It was not immediately clear which sanctions Trump was referring to

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